Camperization Specialists


Bosco Cusó - CEO Kamperworks

Bosco undertands better than anyone what is to spend all the savings in a van. Knows the mixture of nerves, enthusiasm and exaltation that seizes you at the moment you get the keys. And also knows how frustrating it is that after this titanic effort, your furgo does not work.

With engineering and carpentry studies, and more than 10 years of experience in the camper sector, he decides to undertake the Kamperworks project to make true the dreams of many people, with the humility as a flag and the illusion as a motor.

Understanding the camper world as a way of life, with his dog Lluna and his Paramotor, kept in a good 4x4 van, does not need anything else to be happy.











So, Kamperworks is born from anxieties of freedom, the pleasure to practice any outdoor activity, contact with nature and the desire to explore the wildest paths. The compactness between the team and the care of small details are basic premises when working.

Now you know a little more about us. It's time to know yours.